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O&O DiskImage Server v3.0.746

O&O DiskImage Server v3.0.746
Creating images of entire servers is one of the standard measures currently taken by companies for protecting their data and system configurations. O&O DiskImage Server Edition takes this once step further by providing features that make your job as an Administrator significantly easier. Among these features are the network support made possible by O&O Enterprise Management Console and the new Job Assistant for time-scheduling a variety of jobs. Remote installation and creating images within a network can now be done directly from your workstation. What's more, forensic imaging for purposes of data recovery and the Start CD (which can be used even under defective Windows systems) are often the very last hope for your company’s data when trouble strikes.

A string of successful solutions in data security and system management across company networks form the basis of O&O DiskImage 3 Server Edition. As millions of our happy customers worldwide will testify, O&O has gained considerable expertise over the years in the secure handling of data. By using this experience, O&O has now developed a product that enables you to image and restore your entire hard disk. Individual storage volumes as well as entire systems can be imaged whenever necessary using O&O DiskImage 3 Server Edition: and this without affecting server operation or the users while they’re working. After imaging, all data and installed environments can be quickly at your disposal if there’s ever a problem with your server.

Until recently the main problem with imaging productive systems was the downtime connected with it. In order to backup data consistently, running operations and applications had to be stopped until the imaging was complete. With the capacity of today’s mass storage systems, the maintenance work required to carry out a backup can easily take up half of an entire working day. O&O DiskImage 3 Server Edition has a high-performance Hot Imaging Mechanism that makes sure data is backed-up precisely as it was at the start of the imaging procedure: changes made to the data by users have no affect on the image procedure at hand. The existing file system and the application environment have therefore no influence on the process. Only by harnessing this technology can consistent system backups be created while at the same time ensuring that the system runs without interruption and is continuously available.

- Command processing (scripting ability)
- Boot CD for starting directly without prior installation
- Job Assistant for time-scheduling program functions
- Images can be mounted as drives
- This product can be used across a network with the O&O Enterprise Management Console 2



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