Jumat, 22 Februari 2008

Acala DVD Ripper Professional 5.6.2 | 4.8 MB

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Acala DVD Ripper Professional 5.6.2 | 4.8 MB
* Acala DVD Ripper Professional is an intuitive to use program which rips your DVD movies to avi,mpeg, mp4, wmv, 3gp format video.
* The build-up enhanced encoder deep compress output min files with high speed and lossless movie quality.
* With Acala DVD Ripper Professional, you will be able to copy your favorite DVD movies to your hard disk.With Acala DVD Ripper Professional, don't worry about your media knowledge base, for it does all for you.

Key Features:

* Convert your favorite DVD movies to the following movies with one step and high speed .
o MPEG-4 AVI video.
o MP4 video that Apple iPod can play.
o MP4 video that Apple iPhone can play.
o MP4 Video that Apple TV suite.
o Sony PSP MPEG-4 or AVC video.
o MPEG2, MP4 or FLV that Sony PS3 can play.
o Youtube FLV video.
o WMV video
o WMV or MP4 that Microsoft Zune can play.
o 3GP video that mobile phone can play.
* Customize and it is easier than ever. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, you will feel it was developed for you.
* It provides you with excellent image/sound quality and smaller file size just in a few clicks.
* Build-up DVD Player to playback DVD movie.
* Select specific title to record and convert as your will.
* Easy-to-use user-friendly interface.
* Flexible setting.
* Excellent image and sound quality.
* Automatically Shutdown Computer When ripping done.

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