Kamis, 28 Februari 2008

FarStone RestoreIT! Professional v7.1.0

FarStone RestoreIT! Professional v7.1.0

RestoreIT Pro is a powerful Personal Disaster Recoveryutility that automatically backs up all files on a computer, enabling you to quickly recover individual files or entire computer systems damaged by a virus or hacker attack, a bad software installation, an OS crash, or human error. Since it loads before Windows, RestoreIT Pro will still launch and restore your system even when Windows does not boot.

RestoreIT Pro's proprietary technology makes data recovery quick, painless, and accurate. You can search or browse for file or folders to restore in a Windows-like interface. System recovery returns every file on your hard drive to a static backup point, while file-level recovery lets you restore a select personal file to an incremental backup point, leaving the rest of your system untouched.

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