Kamis, 21 Februari 2008

Vision XP Pro Final Edition | 1.1 GB

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Vision XP Pro Final Edition | 1.1 GB
 Passes WGA!
 SP2 Integrated!
 Default theme is Vista!
 There are now 6 themes to choose from!
 Vista Wallpaper Selection!
 NEW Vista Logon screen & Install Screen!
 Optimized For Fast & Clean Performance!

 Driver Packs Updated

DriverPack Chipset
DriverPack CPU
DriverPack Graphics A
DriverPack Graphics B
DriverPack Graphics C
DriverPack LAN
DriverPack MassStorage
DriverPack Sound A
DriverPack Sound B
DriverPack WLAN

 Slipstreamed Programs

VistaIcon Pack v3
utorrent v1.7.6
Internet Explorer 7
Window Media Player 11.0.5
WinRar 3.70
DVD Decryptor v3.5.4.0
Ultra Iso 8
Rocket Dock
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