Kamis, 28 Februari 2008

RegRun Security Suite Gold Edition | 9,26 MB

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RegRun Security Suite Gold Edition | 9,26 MB
RegRun Security Suite Gold Edition - includes 24 useful utilities to protect your computer from rootkits / Trojans / spyware and advertising programs, and speeds up the downloading Windows help tackle the daily tasks of dealing with disk and registry. RegRun is recommended to use in addition to antivirus for enhanced protection. RegRun supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/VISTA.
RegRun Security Suite Gold Edition is excellent tool kit for protecting your computer against viruses or Trojans or spyware or Adware parasites. The NIVA uses the newest technology in the world. Fight with the bad guys by the most powerful weapon.

RegRun NIVA prevents a virus auto start. Later you can clean your computer by antivirus to remove virus according files and registry records. RegRun NIVA resolves three main tasks: Makes backups of the registry and important files. Restores a computer even if it does not boot. Detects a virus in your computer. Removes a virus from your computer. I am computer newbie. Does RegRun NIVA help me? Yes. Gold Edition features: RegRun Rescue Create backups of registry and system files and allows the user to quickly restore them. RegRun RunGuard Analyze script files (VBS, JS), Microsoft Office files, registry files or HTML files before execution. It will warn you of suspicious or dangerous scripts, and offer the option of preventing execution.

Sophistocated, and unlike most "script blocker" tools, RunGuard works at the. Dll level - assuring that it works even if the script is initiated by a false extension, or has been hidden within an email or web page. Registry Tracer Registry Tracer monitors selected registry keys, and advises of changes. It allows you to reverse any modifications, additions, or deletions. RegRun Startup Analyser Startup Analyser allows you to unhide the Windows startup process. A must have tool for troubleshooting strange problems on startup. RegRun Bootlog Analyser Bootlog Analyser allows you to troubleshoot Windows startup and shutdown using Windows generated startup log files. Trojan Analyser Monitors applications for suspicious be-havior, including registry and file activity, and reports if any questionable action is detected. RegRun WinCleaner Clears Internet cache, temporary files and other files assigned by user.

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