Sabtu, 01 Maret 2008

AdMuncher v4.71.28140-1742


AdMuncher v4.71.28140-1742
Say goodbye to absolutely all advertisements when navigating. A quick list of features differentiate Ad Muncher from many other advert removal products: This is not just a popup remover, but also removes embedded adverts (even in flash!) and many other annoyances.

What does Ad Muncher do?
“ * Blocks advertising in all browsers.
* Kills unwanted popups in all browsers.
* Removes banners in programs like ICQ, Morpheus, Kazaa, Grokster,
Opera, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, etc.
* Speeds up page loading, thanks to the missing ads and pop up
* Prevents annoying site behaviors.
* Works immediately out of the box, thanks to the most extensive
advertising filter list available.
* Filters quickly and reliably, thanks to seven years of constant
development and feedback from users.


Size: 3MB


Enjoy !

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