Sabtu, 01 Maret 2008

CyberLink PowerDVD v7.3.3730 Ultra Deluxe + Patch 3730

CyberLink PowerDVD v7.3.3730 Ultra Deluxe + Patch 3730
DVD Playback Excellence - Experience superior Blu-ray & HD DVD playback
-- Breathtaking Clarity - New and improved video technologies
-- Sharp, Bright Colors - Support for high definition video formats
-- Best Surround Sound Technology - Complete movie theater quality surround sound support
-- Intel Clear Video Technology - Support for hardware acceleration and advanced de-interlacing

> Freestyle UI - Choice is freedom
-- Choice is freedom - Choose from 5 UI modes and multiple skins
-- Dock mode - Access controls fom the bottom of the viewingscreen
-- Wheel Control mode - Save space by providing only essential player controls
-- Mini mode - Get access to controls via the taskbar
-- Player mode - Move your floating panel of complete controls; select from a choice of colors
-- Fullscreen mode - Expand the viewing mode to fit the entire screen

> Smart Utilities - For enhanced DVD viewing
-- Say-It-Again - Never miss a word
-- Read-It-Clearly - Move subtitles from your movie screen
-- Notebook Maximizers - Extend your notebook viewing time

> UPnP Connectivity - Cut yourself loose
-- UPnP Connectivity - Play videos from any UPnP enabled device in your home network

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