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HDDlife for Notebooks and Computer


HDDlife for Notebooks and Computer
HDDlife for Notebooks is the first product that takes into account all the peculiarities of the work of a computer. In notebooks, hard disks are in absolutely different conditions if compared with desktop computers. They suffer from constant shaking, strokes, vibration and higher temperature overheat. That is why any program designed for standard conditions will consider the condition of the disk alarming and give you incorrect information. HDDlife for Notebooks takes into account all the peculiarities of hard disks that work in notebooks and provides you with correct information about hard disk health and performance.

We should particularly mention that our program can detect different power schemes. It means that if the hard disk is in hibernation mode, the program will not disturb it. So the power scheme is not broken. It helps to increase the performance of the notebook considerably without reducing the reliability of monitoring.

What's new in HDDlife 2.9?

On-line hard drive stats collection
If enabled, HDDlife sends small information packet about hard drive attributes changes. By default this mode is enabled, if you want to disable it - use menu File-Options-HDD Statistics.

Bugs fixed:
+ On-line statistical database for hard drive attribute changes.
+ New languages added.
* Win2k - Icons on tab draw incorrectly. Fixed.
* Win2k - Options - Warnings - Bindings - circles without alpha channel. Fixed
* Win2k - on tab hard drive and shield shows with white background. Fixed.
* Win2k - Options - Tray Icon - screenshots with error. Fixed.
* If hard drive S.M.A.R.T. data can’t be accessed, in system tray shows temperature 255°C. Fixed.


Size: 4MB


Enjoy !

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