Selasa, 04 Maret 2008

Vista Optimizer 4.4.17 | 5 MB

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Vista Optimizer 4.4.17 | 5 MB
Vista Optimizer is a suite of high-power utilities that tunes your PC for maximum security and performance. Removing junk files to save valuable space and to prevent crashes, it boosts system speed, virtually eliminates error messages, securely deletes sensitive data and safeguards internet privacy. With just a few clicks, it can fix registry errors and vastly improve system performance.

* Optimizes speed by compacting wasted space and gaps in the registry.
* File Shredder securely deletes unwanted files so they cant be recovered by prying eyes.
* Uninstaller helps you remove any unwanted software.
* Sys Info provides every detail about what is installed on your computer.
* Tracks Eraser deletes navigation and application history to protect privacy.
* Startup Manager prevents spy apps from compromising your system.
* Program safely backs up everything so you can revert back if needed.

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