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O&O DiskRecovery Tech Edition 4.1.1334

O&O DiskRecovery Tech Edition 4.1.1334
&O DiskRecovery V4 is the new and enhanced product developed by O&O for its professional Data Recovery line-up. O&O DiskRecovery V4 uses the most modern technology to put data recovery for almost every form of data loss at the user’s disposal. The new version offers support for an increased range of files, better support for user signatures and a new preview function for various types of files. O&O DeepScanO&O DeepScan makes it possible to locate even the smallest of files deleted from critical locations such as the Master File Table. Even such tiny files can now be recovered as O&O DeepScan deploys the maximum depth for scanning. O&O SmartScanO&O SmartScan solves the common problem during a data recovery that existing files are recovered as well as the deleted ones. O&O SmartScan has a filter that excludes existing files, significantly accelerating the scan and recovery process. O&O RawScanShould the deleted data be on a formatted data storage medium, by activating O&O RawScan the file system is ignored in the search, allowing even files on such media to be capable of rescue.Now with more than 300 file typesThe number of file types supported by O&O DiskRecovery V4.1 has been increased in the new version. One most notable addition is the support of OLE2-file types which improve the detection and reconstruction of Microsoft Word and Excel documents. You can increase the number of file types at any time by creating or integrating user-defined signatures. The creation of such user defined signatures now supports the integration of placeholders in a signature's code.

Using this advanced signature function any type of file can now be integrated into O&O DiskRecovery V4.1. New: Preview functionUpon completion of the scanning process it is now possible to preview the recovered data. O&O DiskRecovery V4 supports various picture and text formats for the preview function including JPEG, BMP, TIF and many more.Supported storage mediaO&O DiskRecovery V4.1 can recover data from all Windows supported data storage media. This includes, amongst others, internal und external hard disks (IDE, SATA, SCSI etc.), Digital cameras, MP3-Players, USB and Memory-Sticks, Memory Cards, CDs, DVDs und Diskettes. The only condition for a data recovery is that the data storage medium is recognized by Windows. However, it is not necessary to carry out a compatibility check through Windows in this regard. The rescued data can then be saved on any windows supported storage medium, provided it is not the medium from where the data was just recovered. Feature Highlights NEW: Windows Vista Compatible.NEW: Preview of files prior to recovery NEW: Definable size parameters for recovered data NEW: Recognizes and restores over 350 File types NEW: Exclusive O&O DeepScan technology locates even the smallest files NEW: User-defined signature with HexEdit control Supports ATA IDE/EIDE and SCSI Hard Drives, Diskettes and removable drives as well as Memory Cards and most Digital Cameras O&O SmartScan accelerates and simplifies the Recovery Procedure Integrated O&O RawScan technology recovers data from storage media where files have been damaged or destroyed by malfunctioning software

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