Selasa, 18 Maret 2008

Universal XP/2000 Driver Pack DVD/CD Edition | 2 GB

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Universal XP/2000 Driver Pack DVD/CD Edition | 2 GB

Universal XP/2000 Driver Pack DVD Edition
Universal XP/2000 Driver Pack CD Edition
Who constantly overhauls computers, that knows what it is like to search for drivers that is necessary for the system. Now there is no need to sit through hours online in the search for the necessary drivers and to look on irritating "yellow questions" in you applete the installation of equipment, simply put in the drive disk with the collection of universal drivers and your problems will end.

Absolutely fresh packet of universal drivers from site UIU to the released devices and the computer components of well-known and little-known firms for system MS Windows2000/XP. Drivers are renovated and augmented on 300Mb and on the whole comprises 900Mb. this time the collection it is represented for the convenience, not in the form of the means of disk, but in the folders for their possible record to 1 DVD or with the laying out into 2 CD.

This absolutely autonomous packet and not as is not connected with the first.

Password :

Download DVD Edition 1.5 GB
CD Edition 525 MB

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